Announcing the Launch of our Get Game beta

Fellow digital media student Olivia Harris (@Grifflon916 on Twitter) and myself have begun work on a Twine-based, digital media project called Get Game, which is designed to match people with a game they’d potentially want to play and match less mainstream games with their potential audience.

— Get Game (@GetGameProject) September 9, 2015

After some work on it we are happy to announce that the project is well underway and the first usable demo of the project can be accessed here. At the moment it is clearly unfinished, but in its current state serves as a decent ‘proof of concept.’

All feedback and suggestions for the project are warmly welcomed and encouraged. The more people we get involved, the more games we can include, and the better the final product is for everyone.

If you are interested in keeping up with the project then follow us on Twitter @GetGameProject

Thank you and be sure to share with your friends!